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Locally Sourced fresh and frozen
Beef, Pork and Chicken

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Locally Sourced Meats!

Cheese, Homemade Goodies, and Mexican Food Products

Take your pick from farm-fresh meats, deli cheese, homemade food items, and authentic Mexican products available at The Meat Shop on Main. Get only the best beef, pork, and chicken meat products sourced from southern Alberta and Ridgevalley Hutterite Poultry Farm.

Be sure to try our in-house made sausages and jerky in a variety of flavours! We use choice cuts of beef and pork to produce fresh and tasty products.


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Mennonite Sausage

Sausage Links The Meat Shop on Main

You can always find highly sought-after In Store made Mennonite Sausage and bacon at our shop.


Pierogies and Pot Pies

Perogies The Meat Shop on Main

We offer more than just fresh or frozen meats. Discover a wide variety of homemade treats at our shop any day from Monday to Saturday. We offer a delectable array of food products and specially made goodies like pierogis, chicken pot pies, and fruit pies.


Trim Healthy Mama Products

Dry Products The Meat Shop on Main

The Meat Shop on Main is the only store in Grande Prairie that offers Trim Healthy Mama products. If you’re making the switch to a healthy lifestyle, you can opt for products that help stabilize blood sugar levels and help you lose weight.