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Steak marinated with rosemary and mustard seeds
Fresh prime rib steaks on a cutting board

Fresh or Frozen Meat However You Like It!

Photo of raw steaks on a cutting board
Free Range Chicken The Meat Shop on Main

The Finest Cuts Packed and Ready for Pickup

At The Meat Shop on Main, we know how much you love to get the finest meats and specialty products for the meals you prepare at home. Whether you want them fresh or frozen, we have them packed and ready for you when you stop by. Be sure to ask about our gift cards when you get in touch with us.

True-Blue AB Meats

Since the beginning, we have always focused on making only superior-quality meats from select AB farms available to you. As much as possible, we try to source our products locally. Our extensive inventory features Alberta grown beef and pork and the chicken is from Ridgevalley Hutterite Poultry Farm.

Hard-to-Find Specialty Products

We go beyond meats and offer an exciting line of Mexican food products featuring pierogies, pot pies, as well as fruit pies and cheesecakes. You will also find racks loaded with Mennonite farmers’ sausages and a variety of homemade treats every time you shop.

Brief Background

When Henry and Audrey opened The Meat Shop on Main in July of 2016, they were fulfilling a dream that they’ve always had as a family for as long as they can remember.

Henry comes from a family that got together to “butcher enough meat to fill their freezers.”Audrey, on the other hand, always wanted to have her own food store filled with unique products and specialty foods. Driven by their common passion, they pooled their ideas, and that’s how the meat shop came to be. Henry and Audrey hope to pass the family business onto their 4 lovely children someday.

For a newcomer on the scene, we’ve quickly made our presence felt in Grande Prairie. Recently, our shop was featured in a Daily Herald Tribune article.

Call us at 587-259-6688 or send us an email to place your orders.