Steak marinated with rosemary and mustard seeds
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Specialty Foods and Mexican Delights

Exclusive Trim Healthy Mama Products Seller

Beyond every meat lover’s passion is another equally compelling desire to try new and tasty treats from across the border. At The Meat Shop on Main, we deal with authentic Mexican suppliers to source specialty products from Mexico.


Made from the freshest ingredients so devotedly prepared by passionate cooks, the pierogies we have come in four savory varieties. Watch for more varieties coming soon!

  • Potato, Bacon, and Cheese

  • Cottage Cheese

pierogies in four savory varieties

Homespun Favorites

Our devotion to artisanal products made locally never fails to inspire us. We search every corner of Grande Prairie for culinary preparations and delights that we can always be proud to have at our shop.

You will find a satisfying variety of specialty food items on our shelves featuring home-produced delicacies, such as fruit pies and chicken pot pies, cooked up by gifted culinary artisans from La Crete, AB. We also offer fresh-from-the-farm honey from Beelicious in Bezanson, AB.

We are always searching for more culinary delights we can offer so keep checking for more great products!

Healthy Eating Alternatives

The Meat Shop on Main is the only store in Grande Prairie that offers Trim Healthy Mama products. If you’re making the switch to a healthy lifestyle, you can opt for products that help stabilize blood sugar levels and help you lose weight. Trim Healthy Mama products do not contain artificial sweeteners and are designed to create a balanced diet for you, including healthy fats and carbohydrates. Also have a selection of sugar free and low carb options.

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